If you would like to be considered as a model for future projects the following information should be read thoroughly before getting in touch.

Models working at a professional level are welcome to provide links to their folio, website or agency for future consideration. Models who provide at least an approximation of their fees are more likely to receive a response. Folio images must be of a similar standard or higher to those seen published on the site to be considered eligible for paid work.

TFP (time for prints) requests will only be considered from models with experience in fetish or nude photography who are happy for the photographs to be published. Absolutely no under 18s will ever be considered for any shoots. It may be possible to shoot anonymously but it is never possible to completely ensure you cannot be recognised by posture, body shape or similar. Model names may have to be provided to magazines for publication but will not be printed or displayed without permission. If you are at all unsure about being identified in your photos please do not ask to shoot.

TFP (time for prints) shoots are not "free" and as such the images will be used in the same way as those where money was used as payment. In TFP the images you receive are the payment. You will receive at least 12 full resolution printable image files from every TFP shoot which would cost well in excess of £100 if you were to book a photographer as a customer. You get the actual file which can make as many prints as you like which most photography businesses would not offer. If you are not sure how to make your own prints you will be guided through the process.

Absolutely all material from all shoots may be published as prints, books or submitted to magazines. The copyright belongs solely to Ruth Tolman. Except where expressly stated in writing before the shoot none of the images will be sold as stock or to advertising for products or services for any company or person. In all instances of skills trade (also referred to as TFP) the model is free to use their copies of the images in similar fashion but may not release the images for use by a third party for commercial gain. Where models have received money for shoots they may not use the images for any purpose other than for their portfolio.

Models wishing to boost their portfolio without the images being published are welcome to ask for a quote for a personalised shoot.