Sunday, 17 February 2008

Information for models

Working with Ruthless Photography

I mostly shoot evenings and weekends both on location and in the studio. Sometimes I use my own house as the location. I am a female photographer and sometimes have a male assistant. You are free to have a chaperone with you so long as they do not interfere with the shoot. If you are unsure about any aspect of the shoot you should let me know in advance as fixing things on the day may be difficult. You will be expected to arrive on time and ready to work. Late arrivals may result in cancellation with no compensation.


Any payment will be discussed and agreed in advance. There will be no changes in the terms on the day of the shoot. Time For Prints (referred to as TFP or TFCD) is not a free shoot as full resolution images are provided as payment*. If you receive a full fee for your shoot you will not normally be provided with copies of the photos.

*For reference if you paid a photographer for a portrait session that provided just one full size print it would cost around £100 in most circumstances.

Time For Prints (TFP)

My definition of a TFP shoot is one whereby you are provided with full sized photos that can be printed to large scale that can be used in your personal folio, submitted to magazines or competitions and printed for personal use. You are not allowed to sell the images and the copyright remains in my name. All TFP shoots will be a collaborative process so that mutual benefit to portfolios can be achieved. All requests for images in a particular style should be made before arriving to make sure the required props and equipment are available.


Before the day of the shoot you will be sent a shoot brief detailing what you are expected to bring with you and what times things are expected to happen. It is vitally important that you check this before arriving. Some shoots require coordination from make-up artists, stylists as well as you as the model and you are expected to work as part of the team. You will also be sent a copy of the model release which should be read and any issues discussed before arrival. You will be asked to sign the release before the shoot goes ahead and no release fees are given.

No-shows: last minute cancellations or no-shows on the day of a shoot are unacceptable for all but emergencies. Liars are usually found out, so if you act unprofessionally you will be treated as such. I talk to a lot of photographers and get to hear about reputations. I also pass on information I have about unreliable models. Consider yourself warned.

After the shoot

You will get the web-sized images from the shoot via email usually within 10 days. A disc will follow with higher resolution print files within a week or two from then. On average there are at least 10-15 worked images from each shoot.You are free to use these images for all your online folios and for competitions so long as copyright is acknowledged. You will be asked to sign a model release so that images may be submitted to magazines and stock agencies. You will also be asked to show proof of age and identity (drivers licence, passport or government ID card). I will only accept real names and not modelling aliases unless registered professionally. This is a standard practice for most shoots and if you are uncomfortable with either the release or ID check then the shoot will not go ahead.

Where your photos go

Photos of models may be submitted for publication via magazines, internet sites, stock agencies and as advertising. Prints may also be sold in some circumstances. If your photos are published and I have up to date contact information I will try as possible to inform you beforehand.

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